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In-Plant Structures
Cubic Designs Mezzanines

Adding a mezzanine within your facility can create floor space at a fraction of the cost as compared to new construction. Mezzanines can be used for storing, manufacturing or distributing functions. One of the most common uses of a mezzanine structure is to support a staff office. Thus, when combined with an in-plant office, you put your resources where they need to be without giving up productive floor space.
In-Plant Offices

Adding a prefabricated in-plant office has a significant amount of benefits:

Cost effective
Reconfigure or expand them without a significant impact

Easily relocated
Minimized on-site construction time

These units are ideal for:

Shop floor offices
Shop floor training rooms

Break rooms
Security offices

QC offices
Storage items requiring climate control
Wire Partitions & Security Fences
Folding Guard

Wire partitions offer a cost effective method of providing safe storage of valuable and protect workers from hazardous areas.

These units are ideal for:

Guarding around automated processes or machines
Restricting traffic to certain areas in your facility

Securing inventory that requires limited access
Tool cribs requiring a check-in and check-out procedure