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Overhead Systems
Ballpark Guides
Need budgeting information to help plan for your new overhead system?

The Ballpark Guides give you a base figure for 3 of our most popular crane systems.  This guide is intended to help you educate yourself prior to your call to DL systems for a firm proposal. We have ball park guides available for:

Top Running - Single Girder Cranes
Under Running - Single Girder Cranes

Top Running - Double Girder Cranes

Lifting and working with product overhead is always a challenging undertaking. Let us help you make it easier with our knowledge and experience in the implementation Overhead Cranes. We furnish a wide variety of cranes including:

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Top Running Cranes
Jib Cranes

Underhung I-Beam Cranes
Gantry Cranes

Underhung Patented Rail Cranes
Hydraulic Floor Cranes

Stacker Cranes
Runway Conductors

Hoist units are the key components in many material handling applications where loads are moved, stored, lifted, transferred or positioned. Demag hoist units offer the best solution both now and in the future. D.L. Systems can provide you with hoists for every need including:

Air Chain Hoists
Electric Cable Hoists

Air Cable Hoists
Hand Chain Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

NEW R&M Electric Chain Hoists and Manual Products!

LoadMate Hoists are designed to maximize productivity with fast installation, easy operation and built-in durability. The compact design provides low headroom and allows close trolley approaches. R&M's advanced design and manufacturing techniques ensure safe operation, consistent quality and longer component life. It adds up to exceptional value -- hoist equipment that saves on maintenance, repair and downtime costs over its lifetime.

Monorail Systems
Cleveland Tramrail

Monorail systems in the field of material handling consist basically of underhung single rail tracks installed to support hand propelled or electric motor driven carriers.  These carriers in turn lift and lower the desired load and transport it from one point to another along a fixed travel path.

Patented track for monorail systems can be hung in virtually any straight or curved path route desired within the limits of obstructions in the building.

Monorail layouts can be changed or expanded with relative ease as a plant grows or manufacturing operations change.  Systems can be designed so loads can be temporarily stored on tracks without re-handling by means of switches and multiple spur tracks.  In addition, individual carriers can be stored on lift track sections for future transfer to tracks at different elevations.  Monorail systems can also be tied into patented track underhung cranes utilizing interlocks and discharge points.

Lifting Aids

The original US manufacturer of ergonomic tube-style vacuum Lifts. Custom & stock vacuum lifter attachments and related vacuum lifting equipment for industrial material handling applications. UniMove offers the highest quality and the broadest capability vacuum lift systems in the world. UniMove provides the highest lifting capabilities, superior quality and the versatility to respond with unique solutions to many old problems.