Designers, Suppliers and Installers of Engineered Material Handling Systems
Overhead Conveyors
Overhead Monorail and Power & Free Systems make use of a specially designed "I"-beam or "C" channels and a multi-flex chain to suspend loads or pull carriers between operations. The systems can be used for transportation or accumulation. Both systems integrate fully under computer or PLC control to feed parts to assembly lines. Metal fabrication, paint finishing, ovens, assembly and shipping departments - all become one path to increased productivity with this flexible conveying medium.
Overhead Power & Free
Power & Free conveyors provide direct positive control of each load in the system making them ideally suited to industrial applications that demand maximum versatility, productivity, and efficiency. The high level of control is due to the dual track configuration of Power & Free systems. The main (or "power") track is a chain-driven conveyor that moves carrier through the system. The second (or "free") track allows individual carriers to be disengaged from the main track to induce accumulation or the carriers can be rerouted on to adjacent spur lines.
Overhead Monorail
Monorail systems can be used for product delivery, progressive assembly, washing and finishing  operations. Each system is designed for continuous operation through a variety of processes.  We can design custom carrier to gently handle your product. This time-tested product is durable and flexible 
Enclosed Track
Enclosed track systems allow you to efficiently transport items be operations or simply use this equipment as a work in process operation to allow for cooling of parts.  Enclosed track conveyors are ideally suited for paint booths, carton delivery systems. Standard and Custom carriers are available to allow you to convey almost any product.