Flexibility to meet your exact requirements...

R&M LoadMate electric chain hoists offer a range of choices for a wide variety of applications.

  • 1/8 to 5 ton capacities
  • Choice of 3 standard mounting configurations (custom mounting configurations also available).
  • 10, 15, and 20 ft. lifts standard; additional lifting heights available up to 150 ft. single fall, 75 ft. double fall.
  • Lift speeds from 8 to 32 FPM single-speed, 12/3 to 32/8 FPM two-speed, 0.25 to 5.6 HP hoist motors.
  • 1 or 2-speed hoist motors available for LM05 and LM10 models; 2-speed hoist motors standard on LM1, LM16, LM20 & LM25 (2-speed motor ratio 4:1).
  • 2-speed TMU trolley drive unit (2-speed trolley motor speed ratio is 4:1). Trolley brake and bumpers are standard. Variable frequency drive units are optional.
  • Trolley control panel integrally mounted to the motor.
  • Motors are class F insulated, 40% effective duty rated.
  • Single-speed hoists are reconnectable for 208, 230 or 460/3/60.
  • 2-speed hoists available for 208, 230, 460, 575/3/60 or 380/3/50 power supply.
  • 115 volt single phase hoist models available.

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Ease of Operation
Innovative design enhances versatility and ease of use...
  • Premium-grade precision gearing contributes to the hoist's compact, low-headroom design, low noise level and smooth operation.
  • Integral hoist control panel encloses all electrical components (hoist contactors, transformer, terminal strips, etc.) and is easily accessed for maintenance.
  • Easy trolley mounting attachment meets various application requirements. Slot in top of hoist body allows easy changeover of top hook, push trolley or motorized trolley mountings.
  • Crown tread wheels standard on push and motorized trolleys, for use on standard I-beams and wide-flange W-beams.
  • Plug-in pendant for quick replacement is standard.

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Meets and exceeds industry safety standards...

All R&M hoists are statically and dynamically tested with a minimum of 125% rated load prior to shipping.

  • Electromagnetic disc brake-clutch combination is designed for efficiency, safety, easy access and adjustment. The friction-type torque limiter is integrated with the brake. (LM1, LM05, LM10) to ensure that the load is always stopped when the control button is released.
  • Upper/lower limit switches stop the hoisting motion when the hook reaches the top or bottom limit of travel, providing safer operation and longer equipment life.
  • Low-voltage controls enhance operator safety. 115-volt control voltage is standard,; 48-volt control is an option (standard with 380 volt).
  • Control panel and pushbutton enclosures both meet NEMA type 3R (IP-55) protection classification.
  • Load hook is drop-forged and heat-treated for strength and durability and is provided with a spring return safety latch.
  • Emergency stop button and built-in ma contactor ar standard. (Except LM1.)
  • CSA approval on all models.

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Long Life
Built for tough duty, lasting performance...

Every feature of the LoadMate hoist assembly includes rugged, high-performance materials and quality engineering for longer service life and less downtime.

  • Thermal protection of hoisting motor prevents damage due to over heating. A 2-speed hoist motor is available, offering more precise load handling and longer motor life due to less wear on the brake and contactor.
  • Hoist body is constructed of pressure-cast aluminum for light-weight and easy handling, epoxy-painted for corrosion resistance, and ribbed for better heat dissipation.
  • 5-pocket chain sprocket (6-pocket on LM16) is heat-treated and machined to a high tolerance, providing exceptionally smooth lifting and reduced chain wear.
  • Load chain is electro-zinc plated, heat-treated, and has a high tensile strength. Chain is also specially designed for chain hoist use.
  • Chain guide ensures precise alignment of chain with load sprocket, reducing wear and prolonging chain life.
  • Chain container is provided as standard.

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Reduced Maintenance
Quality keeps your hoist on the job long past the pay-off point...

LoadMate hoists are designed to run cool and maximize the life of gears, brakes and motors. Longer component life means less maintenance, less downtime and lower repair costs.

  • Sealed brake keeps out lubricants
  • Brake adjusts independent of load limiter

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Added Versatility
Variable Frequency Drive option enhances motorized trolley operation...

TMU's Variable Frequency Drive offers:

  • 2-step multi-speed or stepless control method
  • Flexilbility in speed settings
  • Dynamic braking

Minimum and maximum speed settings can be defined to provide easy and precise load placement, reduced load swings and less wear on equipment.

The sealed brake is incorporated into the motor design. The dynamic brake provided by the variable frequency drive allows for smooth stops and extended brake life.

Variable Frequency Drive

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DigichainAn ergonomically designed handle control allowing the hoist to be used as an extension of the operator's arm.

  • Available on LM01 and LM05 models
  • 1/8 to 1/2 ton capacities
  • Single fall only
  • Standard E-stop button
  • NEMA type 3R (IP-55) protection rating

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Mounting Configurations
Fixed Top Hook Push Trolley Motorized Trolley
Fixed Top Hook Mounting Push Trolley Mounting Motorized Trolley Mounting

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