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SmartCart AGC
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What is a SmartCart AGC?
  • A self-propelled, battery powered single directional vehicle
  • Follows magnetic tape (or bar)
  • Less expensive, more reliable than an AGV
  • Uses latest Wireless LAN technology
  • Ideal for simple, repetitive, point-to-point movement of material
  • Ideal for low to medium volume assembly (30-80 jobs per hour)
  • Ideal for applications where constant cost cutting is required

The SmartCart™ Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) is ideal for transporting instrument panels, engines, doors and transmissions through assembly stations, moving finished sub-assemblies to the packaging or shipping areas, or delivering parts from the receiving dock to temporary storage or direct to the final assembly line.

AGC's can run in a simple loop without upper level computer controls. Control Engineering Company's new "Cart Management System™" or CMS allows the carts to operate in complex layouts with computer blocking controls and to interface with other in-plant systems. The Windows 2000 based CMS cart controller allows the user to reconfigure carts easily, through drop down menus. Modified guidepath layouts and cart functions can be downloaded via RF signal to the carts in seconds.

Got Questions about the SmartCart AGC? Click here to ask us!

SmartCart AGC Strengths vs. Conventional Conveyor

Scalable Material Handling

A unique advantage to SmartCart AGCs is that you “only purchase the throughput you need – when you need it”. While conventional conveyor requires you buy the entire throughput at once. This allows a system to be installed inexpensively to perform a low throughput. Then as activity/revenue increases, so can your throughput.

Portable Material Handling
A SmartCart AGC system can be installed in an area or facility this year and quite easily moved and retooled as necessary. A SmartCart AGC module is like an engine in an automobile, changing the outer shell changes it’s purpose while allowing you to keep the core the same. This means that as economies change so can where you put your automation.

Easy Installation
Magnetic Tape and Flat Transponder Tags are about a 1/16” thick, so they can mount “on” the floor, with no need for drilling or cutting. Installation is as easy as: sweep the floor, measure and snap some chalk lines, mark your turn radii, stick down your tape and transponders, and run your SmartCart AGCs.

Eliminate Barriers
Floor mounted conveyor can impede access. But since all of the floor level installation is noninvasive, SmartCart AGC systems only create orchestrated traffic. Access is only blocked while travelling through an area or while sitting in a station.

Easy Modification
Simple system changes can be made in a matter of hours. Extensive system changes can usually be made over a weekend.

Less Potential System Downtime
When a drive fails in a conventional conveyor system it can bring the whole system to a halt while repairs are made. If a SmartCart AGC ever fails it only halts the system until the cart can be moved out of the way allowing for reduced system throughput while repairs are made.

Clean and Quiet
No chains and sprockets means that the hassle and noise are eliminated.

Got Questions about the SmartCart AGC? Click here to ask us!