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Storage Systems
DL Systems is the Premier provider of storage systems in the Upper Midwest. You will find our work in manufacturing and distribution centers both regionally and nationally. Call on our expertise to help you design and implement the right system for your storage needs.

Defender Foot
Stops rack damage!
Defender Foot provides indestructible protection for rack columns. This ductile iron casting column protector eliminates damage even when subjected to repeated impact abuse by reach truck straddles. Available in Standard or Seismic design.

Schaefer Logimat™ Vertical Lift Module
A LogiMat™ can be described as a very large container with two columns of stacked trays. Between these two columns, there is an elevator and an extractor. When operated, the elevator spans the entire container of trays and is capable of selecting an individual tray and transferring it to a pick-window where the operator picks the desired article. There are no belts or chains to control the system's vertical travel. Travel is done by a "rack and pinion" drive design.

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Interlake's roots go back to 1909, progressing from steel making through the manufacturing of simple slotted angle from which virtually anything could be made. As storage needs became more sophisticated because of increasing costs of space and labor, the storage rack industry grew and Interlake grew with it. Interlake Material Handling's rack and conveyor products are found across all industries, and many nationally recognized retailers and wholesalers are Interlake customers. 

Need more room and organization for your facility? Equipto gives you everything you need to maximize and utilize your space. Every office needs organization and it seems you never have enough space. Let Equipto show you how to efficiently maximize your office space. From central supply to records management, Equipto products provide a variety of solutions to organize and structure your medical facility. Looking for innovative ways to display your merchandise? Take a peek at how some of our clients are using our products to their advantage.

Wire Decking
J & L Wire

J&L wire decks for bulk storage are designed with waterfalls in the front and rear for safety when hand loading. These waterfalls prevent clothing from catching and injury to hands and forearms. Our lightweight storage decks are designed to fit on 5/8" step beams. These decks are produced with 3-4 wires running front to back on the underside of the deck providing added support Compare GALVA-DECK Galvanized Rack Decking with ordinary, painted decking and the benefits are clear. Painted decking chips, scratches and corrodes with time causing an unsightly appearance and increasing friction, while GALVA-DECK retains its appearance, surface integrity and your investment.